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Day / Night PHP Treatment

Our partial hospitalization program located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida offers individuals opportunities for comprehensive treatment experiences. Most importantly it allows an individual to receive intensive treatment and practice recovery skills while living in an encouraging environment. During the day, patients attend counseling and therapy activities at our drug treatment facilities while receiving care from physicians and nurses. In the evening, we offer relationship-building community recovery groups and structured activities. Our goal is to bring patients independently back into society, enabling them to learn to live again addiction-free.

Our highly trained and skilled clinicians understand how to assist clients who suffer from addictions and mental health issues. Our clinicians are also experienced with co-occurring disorders, also known as “dual diagnosis.” This condition affects people who struggle with addiction and at least one mental health disorder, such as depressionPTSD, or anxiety. Optimum results require treatment of both conditions simultaneously.

PHP is Available as Day and Night Addiction Treatment

Our PHP is also known as a Day/Night program, because you services are available both in the day and evenings. Our Day/Night program offers clients a safe place to heal, and our clinical team members provide unconditional, positive support. Our client/therapist ratio is distinctively low, allowing adequate time and attention for each client and their family. Through individual and group counseling, expressive therapy, 12-step recovery groups, psycho-educational groups, addictions education, family counseling, yoga, and spiritual healing, Day/Night offers a unique treatment experience, second to none, for enduring, long-lasting recovery from addiction.

Our program utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to assess and treat each client’s individual needs. We believe in holistic treatment, encouraging healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Our clients learn how to live in freedom from the bondage of addiction and are equipped with the necessary tools to manage even the most difficult of circumstances.

Along with these therapies, our groups accommodate our clients’ individual schedules and unique needs. All groups are centered on addiction-related issues, and clients explore both new and traditional methods of addiction treatment. Clients are introduced to multiple groups.

Who is a Good Fit for Partial Hospitalization Program?

patient on a day and night addiction treatment

Partial hospitalization is often a good fit for someone coming out of a residential or detox facility, who wants to step down their treatment while maintaining intensity. A PHP is a great way to transition from an inpatient program to a full outpatient program. Many of the outpatient features are present to some degree, in the partial care program. 

They allow the patient to maintain an incredibly intensive recovery effort while beginning to transition back to their daily life. This is particularly true for those that are moving from a highly structured residential life to a less structured and more independent life, where the individual will benefit from practicing keeping a daytime obligation that roughly equals work hours.

A partial care program will also be a good fit for someone who feels they need addiction treatment but has commitments and obligations that prevent them from participating in a residential program. This makes a partial care program an ideal starting point for someone who wants a treatment option for their addiction that includes both individual therapies as well as other facility-based counseling, while also giving them the ability to maintain a job or maintain educational commitments. 

PHP is also a good fit for someone that needs a treatment option for their co-occurring disorders. This dual diagnosis is when someone suffers from substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder, as well as other mental health issues like depression, dissociative identity disorder, bipolar, or others.

Why Choose a PHP Rehab?

A partial hospitalization program allows the patient to benefit from a highly effective collaborative care model, which addresses both chronic and acute treatment needs. A PHP will be more of an integrated approach to your recovery than a purely outpatient program and will allow you to take a more holistic approach to your treatment.

Partial hospitalization provides access to all the different therapeutic resources and counseling options that you would find in a residential facility, while still maintaining independent housing or participation in a sober living facility. It is an effective blend of the benefits of inpatient and outpatient, with few drawbacks.

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Partial Hospitalization Program in Florida!

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If a partial hospitalization program may be the right option for you or someone you know, reach out for the treatment that is needed. The treatment professionals will help you ensure that the Agape Day/Night partial hospitalization program is the right fit for the individual’s recovery needs. Not only will the patient have a safe and comfortable place to heal, but they can learn new coping and management techniques that can then be immediately practiced in the world. The multi-disciplinary approach helps provide the strongest possible foundation for recovery.

Contact our team today to learn more about our PHP and what you can expect when you enter treatment at Agape Treatment! 

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