Treatment Center Call us today There is hope

Treatment Center Call us today There is hope

Meet Our Staff


George Mavrookas

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Robilio, LCSW

Chief Clinical Officer


Katy Lund

Chief Programming Officer

Steven Church

Chief Revenue Officer


Michael Burke

Chief Marketing Officer

Joseph Giuliano

Chief Operating Officer


Neha Royal

Director of Public Relations

Desiree Demaio

Client Concierge

Erin Crawford

Director of Nursing

Niki Skehan

Director of Finance

Henrietta Gyulai

Admissions Supervisor

Shane McFalls

Housing Supervisor

Brittany Lachs

Veteran Liaison

Kellie Batson

Southeast Business Development

Kaitlyn Mechling

Agape Client Advocate

Chanse Steinert

Business Development Liason

Alyssa Breeden

Intake Coordinator

Lauren Budano

Medical Office Manager

Amanda Villaverde

Admissions Coordinator

Cheryl Nunn

Primary Therapist


Natalie Urquiza-Manzano

Primary Therapist

Christopher Patrick

Primary Therapist

Geoff Hyser

BHT Supervisor

Timmy Turek

Lead BHT

Krystal Fulti

Case Manager

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