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Insurance Plans for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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If you or a loved one is looking for addiction treatment, you are also likely trying to determine how to cover the cost of rehab. This can be stressful and confusing. If you’re already dealing with substance abuse, it’s highly likely that struggling over covering the costs of rehab is the last thing that anyone would want to need to figure out.

Thankfully, Agape Treatment Center is in-network with many insurance providers to provide low-cost and, in some cases no-cost options! For more information or to get your insurance verified for treatment, contact our South Florida addiction rehab facility today by filling out our online form or simply giving us a call! Our admissions team can answer any questions you have regarding copays, treatment timelines, and what to expect.

Understanding Common Insurance Terms

Navigating the world of health insurance can be confusing. Here are some key terms to help you understand your coverage better:

  • Out-of-Pocket Costs: Expenses for medical care that aren’t reimbursed by insurance.
  • In-Network: Health care providers or facilities that are part of a health plan’s network of providers with which it has negotiated a discount.
  • Out-of-Network: Providers or facilities not in your health plan’s network. Out-of-network care usually costs you more.
  • Coinsurance: Your share of the costs of a healthcare service, calculated as a percent (for example, 20%) of the allowed amount for the service.
  • Deductible: The amount you pay for healthcare services before your health insurance begins to pay.
  • Cost-Sharing: A situation where you and your insurance provider both pay parts of your medical expenses.
  • Copay: A fixed amount you pay for a healthcare service, usually when you receive the service.

Does My Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Most insurance plans cover some level of substance abuse rehab. The coverage details, such as the length of stay and types of services, can vary between health insurance plans. To understand those details, you can reach out to our team or call your medical insurance company.

Types of Addiction Treatment Covered by Insurance

Commonly covered addiction substance abuse treatment options include:

Health insurance plans can also cover medical detox programs. Additionally, those who suffer from mental health and substance use disorders may be able to receive coverage for dual diagnosis rehab at an addiction treatment center.

The Affordable Care Act and Insurance Coverage

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires most insurance plans, including Medicaid, to cover substance use disorder rehab to some extent. This means that regardless of which insurance company you have a policy through, they should offer some form of addiction treatment.

The Affordable Care Act has expanded healthcare coverage to millions of Americans. It mandates coverage for behavioral health services, making it easier to get the care you need.

Common Types of Healthcare Plans and Benefits

Common types of healthcare plans and benefits for drug or alcohol rehab may include:

HMO plans typically require members to choose a primary care physician (PCP) who coordinates all healthcare services. Drug and alcohol rehab may require a referral from the PCP to see specialists or receive specific services. HMO plans usually have a network of providers, and members may need to use in-network facilities for maximum coverage.

PPO plans offer more flexibility in choosing healthcare providers and do not usually require a referral to see specialists. Members can often see out-of-network providers, but they will typically pay higher out-of-pocket costs. Substance use disorder treatment services may be covered both in-network and out-of-network, but utilizing in-network providers may result in lower costs.

POS plans combine features of HMO and PPO plans, allowing members to choose between in-network and out-of-network providers. Members typically need to choose a primary care physician and may require referrals for specialized services. Coverage for substance abuse services may vary depending on whether the services are received in-network or out-of-network.

HDHPs have higher deductibles and lower premiums compared to traditional plans. Members can contribute to an HSA, which allows them to save money tax-free for medical expenses, including substance abuse treatment. Once the deductible is met, the plan typically covers a percentage of treatment costs.

Medicaid provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals and families. Substance abuse treatment services may be covered, including detoxification, counseling, and rehabilitation programs. Coverage and available services vary by state, and eligibility requirements apply.

Medicaid provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals and families. Substance abuse treatment services may be covered, including detoxification, counseling, and rehabilitation programs. Coverage and available services vary by state, and eligibility requirements apply.

Reach Out to Agape Treatment Today!

If you or a loved one is seeking compassionate, professional help for addiction, reach out to Agape Treatment. We’re here to guide you through every step, including understanding your insurance coverage and making the process as smooth as possible.

We’re in-network with many insurance providers including:

  • Tricare Insurance
  • Humana Insurance
  • ComPsych Insurance
  • Bright Health Insurance
  • Magellan Insurance

Contact us today for more information and begin your journey to recovery.

insurance plans for alcohol and drug addiction

FAQs About Insurance for Drug Abuse Rehab

Health insurance coverage can extend treatment programs for substance abuse and addiction, which may include detoxification, counseling, and support services. Also, health insurance offers mental health rehab coverage. It can cover therapy and support services for individuals with mental health conditions to improve functioning and well-being.

Yes, health insurance policies can cover outpatient addiction treatment. But, whether outpatient rehabilitation for substance abuse is covered under an insurance plan depends on the specific policy and provider. Our admissions team can help you verify your insurance coverage and find out exactly what it covers.

Whether addiction inpatient rehabilitation facilities are covered by insurance depends on the specific policy and provider. Many insurance plans do offer coverage for inpatient rehabilitation for addiction, but the coverage limits and duration can vary widely. The health insurance verification team here at Agape Treatment Center can help you determine exactly what your insurance coverage applies to regarding residential addiction treatment.

Yes! The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also mandates that mental health treatment must also be included to some extent. So, regardless of the mental health issues you or a loved one may be encountering, your insurance will also include some coverage.

In many cases, individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction or drug addiction also struggle with mental health challenges. Those with mental health and substance use disorders can get treatment through a dual diagnosis program. Such programs address co-occurring mental illness and addiction, making it easier to recover from substance abuse and manage mental health symptoms.

Many insurance companies offer insurance plans that cover dual diagnosis treatment. Contact your health insurance provider to learn more about your coverage options.

Both Medicaid and Medicare can cover substance use disorder rehab. The specific services covered and the extent of coverage depend on your state (for Medicaid) and your particular Medicare plan.

Agape Treatment Center accepts health insurance from various providers, including ComPsych, Magellan, TRICARE, and Humana. You can contact our South Florida mental health and substance abuse rehab center to learn more about insurance coverage verification.

There are options to pay for rehab without insurance, such as payment plans, sliding scale fees, or seeking help from non-profit organizations and government programs. There are also options for scholarships at some facilities. Our admissions counselors can help you figure out how to cover the additional costs.

To know more about possible out-of-pocket expenses if you’re covered at Agape Treatment or any other facility, you should:

  • Contact your insurance provider.
  • Ask about in-network and out-of-network benefits.
  • Inquire specifically about addiction treatment coverage.

Understanding your out-of-pocket costs involves:

  • Knowing your deductible and coinsurance.
  • Understanding the costs of treatment services.
  • Checking if the facility is in-network.

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