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Faith Based Rehabilitation through Forgiveness


During addiction many afflictions can come about and expose the core issues of attachments from the past situations in life. In the function of emotions and mental influence, we can begin to find through studies and comparison that the deeper underlying issues, rest in the hands of the topics that are being compared, not all issues, but a majority of them do. We will explore the differences between the two subjects, which are: Forgiveness and Un-forgiveness. With so many people in the world today, so much hatred, anger, and selfish ways of the individuals. The scientists along with mental health professionals have now become more open to studying words that are spoken from spiritual and inspirational books. Exploring the outcomes of people that choose to forgive, have been a basis of recent studies involving the above listed professional, with people in need of healing from trauma, drug abuse, mood disorders, and even long-term illnesses.

We have witnessed from the beginning of time, the battle between forgiveness and un-forgiveness, and the way each one will affect an individual in their life. Let us examine first, the attributes of forgiveness, and the following perspectives based in part of my own findings through an individual’s personal experience. Forgiveness is a transformation process, but the key is to release the suffering to unlock the chains to reveal a path to freedom, that will lead us in a direction to increase inner peace, having understanding, and will guide us to find love. Forgiveness is a path to emotional and spiritual freedom, due to the ability of how it frees you from the control of the person who caused the harm. They lose the power to cause you to feel negative emotions. Forgiveness is done first and foremost by the person doing the forgiving. Forgiveness can also break old behavior patterns that might otherwise interfere when you try to create new relationships, most of forgiveness is a choice.

Now, let us expose the attributes of un-forgiveness. It is one of the key components that can and will restrict our abilities to let go of internal hurts and pains. The manifestation of even the thought or holding on to un-forgiveness will lead us to multiplying our internal emotions and thought pattern, into a negative cognitive affect in our feeling and emotional realm of our lives. The ripple affect can be demonstrated as such; un-forgiveness leading to regret, resentments, bitterness, anger, strife, jealousy, depression, isolation, self-affliction, and worst of all hatred. Another affect can be found by the individual processing emotions, as example when someone that may have done something wrong, comes against them either verbally or physically, or in a negative directive towards the individual causing harm or pain. This can and will bury itself down into the spectrum of our being and we will begin to act out of fear in protecting ourselves from suffering the same familiarity emotionally, tying and launching us into our feelings and emotions into past situations. There is now evidence that long-term illnesses are being directed from a source of un-forgiveness, but again choosing to live in this degradation is solely up to the individual. The main topic and focus of this comparison is to release knowledge of both subjects discussed and mentioned in this article to bring awareness to the benefits and harm of just making one simple choice. We have to follow the patterns and listen to our internal dialogue and not give our life away by being held captive by another’s power over us, more importantly not being tied into the bondage of un-forgiveness. The important thing is to recognize that the troubles of the world today began from these two comparisons, which are by people choosing either forgiveness that leads to love and peace, or by people choosing to harbor their un-forgiveness and allowing it to manifest into hatred. In closing, remember the choice is and will always be yours, when choosing either forgiveness or un-forgiveness, I beseech you to go ahead and make the call, and decide what will be prosperous for you.

By Benjamin Dobbs

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