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PTSD Treatment for Tricare Military Veterans


Tricare Insurance Rehab for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly referred to as PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that affects men and women who have been through one or several traumatic experiences in their lives. PTSD can affect anyone – it can happen to men and women of any age, from any personal background, and of any economic status. While this is true, men and women who actively served in the military tend to have significantly higher rates of PTSD. According to the National Center for PTSD, 30 out of every 100 veterans who fought in the Vietnam War have since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is also estimated that 23 out of every 100 female veterans were sexually assaulted during their time in the military and that 55 percent of women (and 38 percent of men) report being sexually harassed during their time in the military. Of course, sexual assault is far from the only area of concern. Many factors go hand-in-hand with active service that can contribute to the development of PTSD, the most noteworthy being witnessing the violent reality of combat. Many military veterans have seen truly gruesome things, and have lost numerous friends throughout whatever war they served in.

Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The symptoms of PTSD are as follows:

  • Experiencing vivid and disruptive flashbacks
  • Experiencing persistent feelings of worry and fear regardless of current circumstances
  • Severe symptoms of anxiety
  • Mistrust of others
  • Agitation and irritability
  • Unexplained anger outbursts, which can escalate to violence
  • Socially isolating/avoiding friends and family or avoiding other people altogether
  • Engaging in self-destructive behaviors
  • A loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation
  • Insomnia and other sleep-related issues
  • Experiencing severe and persistent nightmares and night terrors
  • Experiencing persuasive thoughts related to the traumatic event
  • Emotional detachment
  • Avoiding people, places, or things that remind the individual of the event

PTSD Therapy for Tricare Military Veterans

The good news is that there are numerous treatment options available to men and women who served in the military and who are currently insured through Tricare. This widely available healthcare program was previously known as the “Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services,” and it provides comprehensive coverage to military veterans and their families. In addition to health care plans, dental services, prescription, and special services, Tricare covers behavioral health treatment – which includes treatment for substance abuse and dependence and untreated post-traumatic stress.

In many cases, PTSD and substance abuse go hand-in-hand. Many military veterans suffer at the hands of both disorders, meaning that they require comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment. At Agape Treatment Center we offer a dual diagnosis treatment for men and women of all ages, and we work with most regional and national health insurance providers – including Tricare. If you would like to learn more about the PTSD-related services we offer that are covered by Tricare, reach out to us today.

Agape Treatment Center and Treatment for PTSD

At Agape Treatment Center we believe in treating substance abuse and dependence at the root cause. In many cases, the military personnel who have been suffering from undiagnosed and untreated symptoms of PTSD turn to drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medication. Of course, substance abuse never resolves the underlying issue, but only ultimately ends up making it worse. For addiction and mental illness to be treated effectively and long-term, all existing conditions must be treated at the same time in a dual diagnosis treatment center.

Our team of dedicated and compassionate therapeutic professionals was all trained in trauma-informed care, and they have extensive experience working with men and women who served in the military. To learn more about Tricare or to learn about our program of PTSD recovery, call us today. We also offer free, no-obligation healthcare checks if you are unsure as to whether or not your current provider covers behavioral health services.

Call the Agape Treatment Center admissions team at 888-614-0077 to learn more about what our addiction and mental health facilities can do for you or your loved one.

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