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DBT Sessions for Treating Mental Health and Alcoholism


What is Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy and How is it Applied in Mental Health Treatment?

If a dual diagnosis treatment center near me is to be truly effective, it is going to offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic methods. Treatment centers focus on therapeutic intervention, and most offer a combination of individual and group therapy as well as family therapy if the immediate family members of a client are located nearby. There are many different types of therapy, but talk therapy is by far the most traditional. talk therapy is what people tend to think of when they think of sitting down with a therapist and verbally working through any issues.

How We Apply DBT Therapy in Our Individualized Treatment Plans

At Agape’s drug rehabs West Palm Beach, we employ several therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Also commonly referred to as CBT and DBT, these two therapeutic methods have proven extremely effective for treating substance abuse and mental health issues. but what exactly is DBT, and how is it effective when it comes to treating mental health and alcoholism?

First of all, it is important to understand that DBT is a branch of (CBT Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) the two are very similar. DBT is used for the treatment of self-destructive behavioral patterns, which could include risk-taking behaviors like using drugs and alcohol and self-destructive behavioral choices. Clients learn how to identify negative behavioral patterns and change these unhealthy patterns in a way that better benefits them. In most cases, Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy mental health treatment sessions take place on a one-on-one basis, however, some DBT exercises might be explored in a therapeutic group setting.

More About DBT Therapy for Treating Mental Health and Alcoholism

This therapeutic method is based on the idea that both acceptance and change are extremely important to the healing process. Clients have to accept where they’re at to begin healing – and healing does not occur without change. Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy has classically been used to treat men and women with very severe substance abuse disorders and underlying mental illnesses. According to an article published by the American psychiatric association, DBT is effective in treating the symptoms that go hand in hand with borderline personality disorder, including suicidal ideation. Some additional improvements among men and women who engage in DBT regularly include:

  • A more significant likelihood of completing a long-term program of clinical care and not dropping out of rehab before the discharge date
  • Reacting and more healthy and less destructive ways, like working through anger before responding angrily to someone else
  • With a higher level of social functioning, it has been repeatedly proven that men and women who stay engaged in DBT can develop and maintain healthy and functional relationships with others
  • Shorter psychiatric hospitalizations and a significant reduction in suicidal ideation and feelings of depression

Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy is an Effective Method in Mental Health Psychotherapy

The benefits of Dialectical-Bhevioral Therapy do not stop there. Of course, just as with everything else in life, if you want to experience the benefits you need to take the proper action. Taking the action means picking up the phone and giving us a call today. The moment you so we will begin developing a plan of action that includes setting a date for your intake. Our dual diagnosis program is comprehensive and effective, and it incorporates evidence-based therapeutic modalities like DBT to provide clients with the coping mechanisms they need to remain sober for years to come.

Staying sober is about much more than maintaining abstinence – it is about learning how to live a life that is fulfilling, rewarding, and full-to-bursting with incredible experiences. It might seem like a lofty goal, but when you have the right tools in place, anything is possible. To learn more, contact our drug rehabs West Palm Beach Facebook page or call (888) 614-0077 . We are looking forward to speaking to you more about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for treating addictions and co-occurring disorders and all of the therapeutic methods we offer.

Call the Agape Treatment Center admissions team at 888-614-0077 to learn more about what our addiction and mental health facilities can do for you or your loved one.

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