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Is Brain Mapping Helpful in Treating Addiction?


How Helpful Brain Mapping Can Be for Drug Abuse Rehab?

When it comes to effectively treating substance abuse and dependence, there are many evidence-based treatment options available. Generally speaking, a combination of intensive behavioral therapy, 12-step program involvement, and medication-assisted treatment is the most widely accepted and beneficial approach to successfully treating drug and alcohol addiction. When it comes to behavioral therapy, many different types of therapy are employed.

Agape Treatment Center has utilized several proven therapies, including individual therapy one-on-one with a licensed therapist, group therapy sessions, family therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Eye Movement Desensitization, and Reprocessing, recreational therapy, yoga therapy, and brain mapping.

What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping is a therapeutic technique that involves taking an in-depth look at the actual activity of the brain. When an individual abuses a chemical substance for an extended period, the structure and performance of his or her brain will change. These changes typically occur towards the front of the brain, and they deeply affect motivation, the decision-making process, and the ability to concentrate.

They are examining how the brain functions can help therapists determine which course of action will be the most beneficial for each client. Brain mapping is a relatively new therapeutic technique. It has not been extensively studied – however, the studies that have taken place on the subject have indicated that brain mapping can be extremely beneficial when effectively treating substance abuse and dependence.

How Does Brain Mapping Work for Substance Abuse?

Those who have no first-hand experience with brain mapping might seem like some weird sci-fi experiment at first. A specially designed cap is placed on the scalp, and designated software is used to capture all of the electrical impulses that take place within the brain. The results from this test show how the brain functions and how drug addiction or alcoholism has changed the healthy functioning of the brain.

Overall, the process of brain mapping takes about 15 minutes. Once the brainwave patterns have all been identified, data is converted into a specialized report. This report shows a visual representation of the brain activity and helps the therapist and the client identify which areas of cognitive functioning have been the most severely impacted. Once problem areas are identified, the client can focus on these areas in therapy.

The person who carries out the brain mapping and converts the data into a visual brain map will go over this map with the client, explaining everything that he or she needs to know. Brain mapping is considered a revolutionary new tool, which is extremely beneficial for treating addiction. If you would like to learn more about brain mapping or the other therapeutic techniques that we regularly employ, please feel free to reach out to us today.

Agape Treatment Center and Brain Mapping Therapy

Many things set Agape Treatment Center apart from other treatment centers in the area. We stay up-to-date on the most cutting-edge technologies, utilizing methods that few other treatment centers utilize. We believe in taking a comprehensive approach to addiction recovery, using a combination of revolutionary treatment methods and time-worn approaches (like the 12 step model and traditional talk therapy).

We also understand how important individualized treatment is. The therapeutic techniques that work for one client might not work as well for another, which is why we can adopt in-depth assessments upon admission to our treatment program.

Start Addiction Treatment With Brain Mapping

Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all disease, and therefore no two recovery processes should be identical. If you are looking for the most individualized and comprehensive clinical care available, look no further than Agape Treatment Center. We treat substance abuse disorders of all types and severities, focusing on an integrated approach to treatment and working towards restoring every one of our clients to a state of physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.

To learn more about our unique and effective treatment program, call us today. Our specialists are available around the clock, and all calls are free and confidential. We look forward to speaking with you and answering any additional questions you might have.

Call the Agape Treatment Center admissions team at 888-614-0077 to learn more about what our addiction and mental health facilities can do for you or your loved one.

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