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5 Benefits of Quitting Drinking


Alcohol use disorder is a dangerous but increasingly popular issue in today’s society. According to studies, 14.4 million American adults suffer from alcohol use disorder. However, those who suffer from alcohol use disorder often desire to quit their drinking but have difficulty doing so. Fortunately, there are treatment centers available to medically assist individuals with alcoholism to get sober. Furthermore, there are many benefits to quitting drinking.

While many people are aware of the risks associated with heavy and consistent drinking, the health benefits of quitting alcohol consumption are not widely known. Making the decision to become sober is difficult, however, it is also highly beneficial.  Whether you are a constant and daily drinker or frequently binge drink on the weekends, quitting alcohol could significantly increase your health. If you suffer from alcoholism, you may wonder what health benefits you could receive from quitting. Here are 5 key benefits of quitting drinking.

Improved Cognitive Function

Sometimes, people who drink heavily over a long period of time suffer from something referred to as “brain shrinkage”. As a result, the individual would suffer from memory impairments, issues with learning, and an overall decline in cognitive function. This severely affects a person’s performance in their careers, education, and daily life. 

However, once a person quits drinking, their brain naturally begins to improve its cognitive function. This is one major benefit of quitting drinking. Without the damaging substance present, an individual’s brain repairs itself. This occurs through the repair of structural changes in the brain that result directly from moderate to heavy alcohol consumption. Once these repairs have been made, the individual will notice an increase in thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, memory, and attention. 

What are the Benefits of Quitting Drinking? - Agape

Increased Immune System

Another issue that alcoholics face is a weakened immune system. The consumption of alcohol weakens an individual’s white blood cells – which are responsible for fighting off illnesses and disease. In fact, heavy drinkers are more susceptible to developing diseases such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. This is problematic, especially for an individual who suffers from pre-existing conditions. 

Fortunately, when individuals quit drinking their immune system beings to regain strength almost immediately. This allows an individual’s body to function properly and fight off illnesses at a better rate. Additionally, this will help a person during the detox phase.

What are the Benefits of Quitting Drinking? - Agape

Reduced Sleeping Issues 

Frequent alcohol consumption decreases REM sleep. Therefore, it causes severe disruptions to an individual’s sleep pattern. Factually, REM sleep is the most important phase of sleep. It allows the body to receive complete rest and restoration. As a result of losing this important phase of sleep, the body experiences an array of related issues. For example, the loss of REM sleep is thought to lead to obesity, depression, increased inflammatory issues, and memory problems. 

However, quitting alcohol allows an individual’s body to begin to reset its sleeping patterns. Over time, REM sleep will begin to improve. As a result, the increase in REM sleep will begin to improve a person’s physical and mental health. Therefore, if you suffer from alcoholism and sleeping issues, quitting alcohol could significantly improve your sleeping habits.

What are the Benefits of Quitting Drinking? - Agape

Increased Energy and Mood

Since alcohol is a depressant, alcoholics typically suffer from low energy levels. Also, the frequent consumption of alcohol can cause vitamin B depletion. Vitamin B is crucial for your body to be able to create sustainable energy as well as increasing your overall mood. Therefore, moderate to heavy drinking does not only decrease your levels of energy, but also your body’s ability to regulate moods. Additionally, when you are lacking energy, it is common to suffer from negative moods and frequent mood swings.  

Luckily, one of the benefits of quitting drinking is that your body will naturally increase its energy levels. Also worth mentioning, most alcohol treatment centers have a nutritionist on staff who can provide you with any vitamins you may be lacking. As a result, you will notice an increase in energy, and in turn, an increase in your overall mood. 

What are the Benefits of Quitting Drinking? - Agape

A Stronger Heart and Liver 

Alcohol is known to negatively impact an individual’s heart. In fact, heart damage can begin to occur after the first time you drink alcohol. However, moderate to severe alcoholics are at risk for serious heart complications. For example, this can lead to strokes, hypertension, heart arrhythmias, and heart disease. Fortunately, when an individual avoids heavy alcohol consumption they reduce their risk for heart complications and serious alcohol-related consequences such as heart attacks. Quitting alcohol will allow a person’s cardiovascular system to begin repairing itself. 

Drinking alcohol is also known to severely affect an individual’s liver. This is because the liver is responsible for breaking down and dispensing toxins. Alcoholics who frequently consume alcohol are at risk of overloading their livers with toxins (alcohol), which can lead to serious and life-threatening consequences. However, quitting alcohol would reduce an individual’s risk for serious and irreversible liver complications such as fibrosis and cirrhosis. Overall, quitting drinking would allow a person’s liver to properly filter and dispose of dangerous toxins. 

What are the Benefits of Quitting Drinking? - Agape

Start Reaping the Benefits of Quitting Drinking Today

Alcohol consumption can severely affect a person’s health over time. In order to improve your overall health and prevent irreversible damage, it is vital to quit drinking alcohol. Admittedly, quitting alcohol is not easy, especially for individuals who suffer from alcohol use disorder. Alcoholics suffer from mental and physical dependence, which makes quitting drinking dangerous if done alone. Fortunately, alcohol rehabs like Agape Treatment Center can help alcoholics to safely transition into sobriety through the aid of licensed medical professionals. If you or a loved one suffer from alcoholism, give us a call today! You, too, can experience the benefits of quitting drinking.

Call the Agape Treatment Center admissions team at 888-614-0077 to learn more about what our addiction and mental health facilities can do for you or your loved one.

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