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What Happens if You Drink Every Day?


Drinking alcohol has always been a major part of American culture. But, now more than ever before, people are reaching for alcohol as a way to make it through these trying and uncertain times. Alcohol sales have increased by over 20 percent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the reasons behind daily drinking have shifted from social gatherings and nice dinners to self-medication and sheer boredom. 

More About What Happens If You Drink Alcohol Every Day

If you have been drinking daily or near-daily, you might be surprised by what is happening to your physical body and your mental and emotional well-being. Drinking during the pandemic might not seem like a huge deal. But, things have gone haywire; we all need some way to cope with our current circumstances… right? The truth is, no matter how you skew it, daily drinking is an unhealthy habit that will inevitably lead to a range of serious consequences. 

Yes, times are tough – but self-medicating with alcohol and other chemical substances will only make it more difficult to cope in the long run. One of the most severe consequences of daily drinking is developing an alcohol use disorder, which will need to be professionally treated in a facility like Agape Treatment Center. Once you have developed a physical and psychological dependence, it becomes extremely difficult to quit on your own accord. There are many other consequences, some of which we cover below. If you have any additional questions about alcoholism or alcohol addiction treatment, contact us today. 

Common Side Effects of Daily Drinking 

What happens if you drink every day? Some of the more common consequences of daily drinking include:

  • Gastrointestinal issues. Alcohol kills the healthy bacteria in your gut, the bacteria you need to digest things properly. As a result, people who drink every day tend to struggle with a range of unpleasant stomach issues.
  • Weight gain. Not only is alcohol itself full of empty calories, but people who drink daily tend to make poor dietary choices. Rather than reach for three full, nutritious meals every day, they often focus on convenience. Not to mention, few things sound better while nursing a hangover than a pile of french fries and a greasy hamburger.
  • Disrupted sleep cycles. People who drink daily often grapple with serious sleep-related issues. They don’t get good quality sleep when they are resting, and they often stay up late and sleep late into the morning or afternoon. 
  • You put yourself at risk of developing health problems later on in life. As your vital organs kick into overdrive to try and keep up with your drinking habits, they eventually start to struggle to process the amount of alcohol you consistently put into your body. As a result, people who drink regularly are at greater risk of cancers, heart problems, high blood pressure, and stroke. 
  • Your immune system is compromised. This is especially significant now, in the era of COVID – when having a healthy immune system might mean the difference between life and death. For example, if you drink daily, your body will have a more difficult time fighting infection. 

Agape Treatment Center and Alcoholism Recovery 

At Agape Treatment Center, we specialize in the comprehensive treatment of alcohol abuse and alcoholism, providing men and women of all ages and personal backgrounds with the tools they need to stay sober for the remainder of their lives. Unfortunately, during this time of uncertainty and high stress, alcohol is being abused at alarming rates. 

However, because treatment centers like Agape Treatment Center provide essential medical services, our doors have remained open – and they will stay open for as long as people need help getting sober. To learn more about the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption or to learn more about our program of recovery, simply give us a call or contact us directly through our website. 

Call the Agape Treatment Center admissions team at 888-614-0077 to learn more about what our addiction and mental health facilities can do for you or your loved one.

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